Sunday, December 20, 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens Inspired Nails

Hi everyone!! I don't know about you but when I heard about the new Star Wars film I knew I had to create a nail design for it! This video is my longest, but that's because some of the designs had a lot of details. I wanted to try my best to make sure in the video you could see how I exactly did everything.
 I also showed how I am not perfect when I paint. I think a lot of people get intimidated by nail art because when they see nail artists painting they think they are always perfect at it thus getting discouraged that they can't do it. I wanted to show you guys that's not the case. I constantly mess up and always have to keep redoing things. No artist is perfect. Any artist who paints is also fixing and changing things to their art and the same goes for me. For this design I messed up so many times and some of my ideas didn't work so I had to change them and that's ok. It's ok to mess up and redesign things. I hope you guys like the design and video! 

xoxo -Bearica 

Acrylic Paints
Nina Ultra Pro: Black
Orly: (unlisted name but it was green) 
Brushes: Jn Dance 24,Pure color no.9&10 all from stylishnailart

I worked really hard on this video. I'm so lucky to have such creative family members who helped me with this video. This video was so stressful for me to make. The idea for the intro didn't come out to be exactly how I wanted but I just put it in because it would have been a waste not to. First off I filmed it outside in a park in the snow. I don't how many hours my brother and I were out there. I couldn't feel my feet at all and my hands were stinging from the cold. It was horrible. We both were getting so frustrated with shooting that we ended up kinda giving up. It was just to cold and our ideas were all over the place. I couldn't even finish filming anyways because my brother broke the lightsaber prop by pretending to hit me with it but ending up really hitting me with it because the wood part flew out and hit me in the back. It hurt so much but it's something we both will never forget. It was pretty funny. Not only that it took me 3 hours to keyframe the lightsaber scene. This was first time ever doing this and I think I did pretty ok. It made me respect people who edit Star Wars and movies in general so much. It's a lot of hard of work and I appreciate it. I love movies even more because of it. A lot of hard work goes into making a movie that I feel like  a lot of people don't appreciate. 

 The costumes were both DIY. I went to Good Will with my mom and I found pieces that would work as a Sith costume for my brother and a costume for me inspired by Rey. I decided to do my own version of Rey's costume and make it into just a desert girl costume. 

For the Sith costume I found a dress that crossed over for the inner part of the costume and then I found a graduation jacket for the outside of the costume. My mom cut the length of both the dress and jacket so the jacket was shorter then the dress. She then cinched the jacket. For the belt we just got semi shiny fabric and folded it back and forth while ironing it so it would stay in place. Then she cinched the ends so it could tie in the back. Then we just got a black scarf for him to wear. The last thing we did was cut a piece of fabric so the bottom was round and put that under the belt. Once You have all the pieces on all you have to do is add the belt and wear black pants, gloves, boots, and wear a long sleeve shirt under everything. It's pretty much just layers of black fabric and clothes. 

For my costume I just found different clothing in different shades of tans and brown. Rey's costume is just a lot of layered flimsy pieces. I just made it my own and I think it turned out pretty good. I think it's a mix of Rey and Padmé. What do you think?

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