Wednesday, October 22, 2014

American Horror Story Freak Show Inspired Nails

Hi everyone! So for this Halloween I was inspired to do do a design for one of my favorite shows American Horror Story! This new season was Freak Show, so I of course had to come up with a design for it. I know the design is more circus looking rather then Freak Show, but I felt like the show had a balance of circus and freak show elements, like the clowns and carnival rides etc.. The main intro to the show is a stop motion video
of all clowns, so I just went with whatever and tried my best to add things that reminded me of the show. Oh and also the popcorn design is not my own. It was inspired by I just added the word pop which she did not do. I hope you guys like this design and watch the video down below. 

Sally Hansen: Base+Topcoat
     Sally Hansen: Dorien Grey
      Nubar: N113 White Tip
        OPI: Red
               Americana and Apple Barrel acrylic paints
        Striping tape 
               Pure color no.10 brush StylishNailArtShop

I couldn't of done this video without the help of my amazing siblings. They both helped edit some things in my video. My younger brother did an amazing job at editing the scary intro part of my video and my older sister helped add finishing touches to my video! My sister also made my thumbnail of my video that I posted at the top of this post. BTW please do not take or use this image without permission. If you would like graphic design, you can contact my sister through her website My brother also makes funny videos on vine and snapchat,so if you'd like to check that out his account is Snapchat:airsurferjake 

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